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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mother Yod, England

Mother Yod - s/t. 1997 Prescription Drug.

The first album offered from the one time experiment/series known as the Prescription Drug label. This one at least gives hints to its 1997 date, with a decidedly post-rock sound mixed with the overt 70's Krautrock underground aesthetic that all of the label's groups possess. Only duffer track is a short vocal folk piece (which sounds too much like the duffer vocal folk pieces on REAL Krautrock albums!) Heavy use of analog instruments per recipe, with emphasis on processed keys and fuzz bass. Electronic percussion sounds more modern, though I think they're going for the Klaus Schulze 1973 ("Picture Music") variety of that sound. Neat use of choral voice (not mellotron). Not quite at the high standard of Ohr Musik and Quad, but pretty close. Good album.

Priority: 3

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