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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tangle Edge, Norway

xxx Tangle Edge - Improvised Drop Outs. 1983 Mushroom (cassette). 1990 Auricle (UK cassette). *** Reissued by the band as "Dropouts" (2010) and featured on the UMR.
Tangle Edge - Radio Stroganoff. 1986 Mushroom (cassette).
Tangle Edge - Live in the Presence of Aphrodite. 1986 Mushroom (cassette).

Radio Stroganoff shows a remarkable progression from Improvised Drop Outs. This transformation would ultimately lead to the brilliant In Search of a New Dawn. In fact, many of these songs ended up on that album with different arrangements. There's a little less than 30 minutes of music here, considering that the last piece is a radio interview in Norwegian, which will obviously have limited appeal. But being the archivists Tangle Edge are, I'm sure they can find enough quality material to fill a full CD including this whole album. Just consider the void of released material from 1984-1988, save 1986. Or the time from 1998-2005.

Live in the Presence of Aphrodite is probably the most stripped down recording from the band. It's more like an instrumental Hendrix or Cream, which is a good thing in my book. And then, in fact, they do cover Hendrix on the second side. This is the one and only place you'll hear vocals on a Tangle Edge album, and both the music and the vocals are in the early 70s blues rock style. Perhaps fortunate for us that Tangle Edge abandoned this style quickly after. Not their best release.

Priority: 2 (on the strength of Radio Stroganoff)

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