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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update: Canzoniere del Lazio (Italy)

This is a significant update. Also in the batch with the Heavy Joker, Ada Le Fol, et al, was the obscure final album from Canzoniere del Lazio which I hadn't heard until now, and I would now consider it their best work (though I still haven't heard Spirito Bono).

Please follow link to the original post for the update.


nnknsh said...

Yeah, Spirito Bono is good, closer to Miradas than Morra, but little tamer.

Also CdL's DDR only released s/t album (recorded in the studio during DDR tour) is quite good and worth seeking out.
That one is their only album with Mauro Pagani, and have some re-recorded tracks from Miradas and tracks exclusive to this album.

For something related, the first solo album of Luigi Cinque (he played sax on the earlier CdL albums) Tarantula is very very good (and very very little known, even Italianprog.com does not list it !).

Quite eclectic release that have some chamber prog like moment and on one tune uses nice minimalistic organ. Overall it fits somewhere between the Cramps avant fusion bands (Area, CdL, Bella Band etc) and the L'Orchestra avant prog bands fit fine with the Italian Avant prog of the time (Stormy Six, Ensemble Havadia)

You can see the cover and listen to 2 tracks at Cinque's site here


Tom said...

Thanks Nobuhisa for all this great info. I knew that CdL had a DDR release, but didn't realize it was unique until now.