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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cherokee Mist, England

Cherokee Mist - Gathering of the Tribes. 1994 Avalon.
Cherokee Mist - Anthem of the Moon. 1997 Euphoria.

There were a couple of schools of psychedelic music coming out of England in the 1980s. One was the "Festival" scene, with Ozric Tentacles at its core, featuring music that blended psychedelia, space rock, electronic, techno and reggae. A mix of Gong and modern dance sensibilities.

The other school was more rooted in the UK and US garage, a primitive but song oriented music, with plenty of acid guitar leads. This sound is best represented by Bevis Frond and Outskirts of Infinity. Cherokee Mist, lead by Mo and Niall Hone, are of this latter movement.

"Gathering of the Tribes" is the more Bevis Frond influenced of the two, with a similar vocal style, and a familiar garage rock compositional style. Much room though is given for the guitar solos, and it's a fine, if unoriginal work. Much better is "Anthem of the Moon". Here the band drops the compositional pretense and just gets down to business with a non-stop guitar oriented attack. Like most English bands in the style, Cherokee Mist have a clear idea of style and dynamics, so it's not a blistering overload of the senses that makes one nauseous in 10 minutes. It's easy to listen to, and yet there are many fiery jams to behold. A good one. Features a nice gatefold sleeve as well.

(the scans out there were a little blurry, so these are current / old ebay auction photos. I'm too lazy to photo my albums).

Priority: 3

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