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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Announcement of new Record Store Webshop and remaining Housekeeping items

First off I want to share the great news. Long time friend (over 25 years) and fellow music collector Jeff Nintzel and myself will be starting a joint venture online. We both have way too many albums (though we're still buying too!), including many extras, and it's time to part with them. Many rare progressive, psychedelic, hard rock, jazz, and metal  LPs and CDs will be featured. Best part is we aren't going to gouge on the prices. We're not giving away anything either, but the prices will be fair. And we have "good goods" as my dad used to say. All carefully maintained like two fanatic collectors would tend to do.

Stay tuned to this blog for further announcements. I will send the link over and there will be an explanation of how it will work over there.

So a few things to talk about since I suddenly shut the blogs down a couple of weeks ago.

1. It turns out to have a been a great decision for me personally. I thought I might have some regrets, but I don't. Unplugging from the daily chatter was a much needed break for me.

2. A big Thank You to my most loyal readers who sent me kind and encouraging e-mails.

3. Many folks asked that I keep this blog alive just for the News. I won't be updating this blog much longer (though everything will stay up as promised). Instead, I'm going to maintain a CD Reissue Wishlist on Rateyourmusic. It will be like our main list (the Original CD Wish List) here. And I will have a section for News. I will send an update once that is up and running as well. I may or may not add commentary to the albums, but will keep the Priority system alive. The maintenance of that list should be much easier than what I was doing here.

4. There were about 11 items from The AC's last submission that I didn't get a chance to publish. I will do so now - and they will be the posts between here and when I signed off.  I have still yet to hear them, but since he put a tremendous amount of his own time into these, I must publish them as is. Many I'm still looking forward to hearing myself! I won't have extra commentary or a Priority set for it, but I will eventually hear them and you will see the Priority in my RYM list.

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