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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ohr Musik, England

Ohr Musik - s/t. 1997 Prescription Drug.

Some of the best retro Krautrock ever made, and is the best album on the label along with the second Quad. Ohr Musik also has a followup release called "Friction Burns", which is even better, and that one was released only on CD (a MUST BUY!). It's doubtful the 99 copy only LP issues of the Prescription Drug series will ever see the light of day, as the master tapes were purposely destroyed (supposedly). But it's still possible to take from a clean LP and add bonus tracks, etc.. Will be interesting to see.

This is one of only two that I own from the series (the other being Quad 2). At least I own the best two IMO. Mother Yod is a close third and I just missed winning that one recently (March 2011).

Priority: 2

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