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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eddie Warner, France

Eddie Warner - Progressive Percussions Vol. 1. 1971 L'Illustration Musicale
Eddie Warner - Progressive Percussions Vol. 2. 1974 L'Illustration Musicale

For many years, I had wondered where the uncredited music came from that appeared on television shows and obscure movies that didn't commission a soundtrack. Most of the shows were from the late 1960s and early 70s, and featured all kinds of wild sounds including fuzz bass, acid guitar, organ, etc... Years later I learned about film library music. These albums basically contained short (1 to 3 minute) instrumental landscapes that were mere skeletons of a composition - that is, flexible enough to be used in various episodic sequences. The most sought after of these collections tend to be from the golden era of psychedelic music (1967-1975). Eddie Warner's two Percussion albums are amongst the most highly valued, due to the overabundance of all the psych elements mentioned above. As for album length listening, they fall short - but if used for the purpose as they were designed, these albums can be a great place to draw samples from. Most library albums such as this have been reissued in compilations - perhaps for the better. Warner was the owner of the L'Illustration Musicale label, a favorite amongst the DJ crowd.

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