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Sunday, December 12, 2010

main post updates

Yesterday I visited my good friend Heavyrock, a fellow music collector who I've known for over 20 years. About once a year I journey over to his house and gawk at his enormous vinyl collection. I could spend days in there and still find things I've never heard of - and it's all choice stuff, not common drivel. I'm very proud of my collection, but it seems so puny compared to his. But he's always been very generous in sharing it with me and others. He's one of those folks I refer to as "friend of this site" or "benefactor". I'm forever grateful to him and "Midwest Mike" who have shared with me all these gems. I just hope that my reporting on them helps you all with the worldwide progressive rock search!

For the next 5 days, starting tomorrow, I'll post albums from yesterday's visit that are relevant to this site, and that I thought were quite good.

So today's post will revolve around the albums that I posted on the main site. These are rarities that aren't really to my taste, but I think many of you may want to take a look over there for reference. The new entries are:

Aquarell - s/t (1979 Germany)
Gryphon - s/t (1975 USA)
Antique - Sorcery (1974 USA. This is the second album by The Antiques that I didn't know existed)
Mongrel - Get Your Teeth Into This (1973 England)
System - On the Other Side of Time (1977 England)

We also heard a rare German fusion album (yes incredibly, another German one) by a group called Namaz. Surprisingly it was on CD already, specially licensed for the Japanese market (Creole Stream Records for those that are interested). As such I didn't write about it, but it's exactly in the fusion genre we report on here tirelessly it seems. We of course heard much more than that, but most of it was in other genres like funk, AOR and metal - genres we both really like, but are primarily too far out of scope here. Maybe one day I'll do more of a deep dive, but there are already good sites out there for these things (especially metal).

I'm particularly excited to report on two very rare Japanese items. Tomorrow's entry may be the most whispered about album of them all. It's something I've been looking to hear for well over a decade. I wasn't even sure it existed.

Stay tuned.


Rob said...

Hi Tom,

Your mention of the Antiques album and their more commercial follow up reminded me of another group I discovered a while back. The name is David Nunez (although the album covers just say "David"). It's a fairly large group, although Nunez was obviously the leader. Their first album was a self-titled affair on the "Mother Lode" label out of Albuquerque from 1973. Probably a private press, as that's where the band was from as well. Anyway, I heard most of this LP a few months ago and it was some pretty cool latin rock and horn rock, with of course a few poppier numbers thrown in. Good stuff though, with lots of guitar, flute, congas etc. Then, in 1976 they released another album called "Uprising" which seems to be a little better known. Oddly, it features new versions of about half of the tracks from the first LP, but in much lighter versions. This album is a lot more pop oriented and has actually been self-reissued via CD Baby. Unfortunately, it seems the superior debut has been forgotten. I think it might be right up your alley, so check it out if you get the chance.

BTW, I was finally able to respond to your e-mail. Very sorry for the delay!

Tom said...

You're right again, Rob. I haven't heard of David Nunez. And I was just going through a Latin Rock jungle expedition yesterday, and this name wasn't one that surfaced.

Thanks for the tip!