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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Horizonte, Argentina

Horizonte - s/t. 1977 Music Hall
Horizonte - Señales sin Edad. 1979 Music Hall

Here are a couple of albums I owned on LP over a decade ago. They were in the usual ramshackled shape, common for the country of origin. So when the CD arrived (both albums on one CD), these albums were an easy decision to let go to auction.

Except... (any guesses what comes next?)

Yea, the CD is a pirate edition. I hate when that happens! A few years ago, I got rid of it too, once I found out this dubious fact. And I didn't think the music warranted keeping a bootleg CD. On a recent revisit, perhaps I was a bit hasty there.

Horizonte are cut from the same cloth as Los Jaivas. So time to break out the pan pipes with your progressive rock! There are plenty of segments that are much more indigenous folk influenced, while others are clearly rooted in 1970s progressive rock. In this way, they also recall fellow countrymen Anacrusa. Of the two albums, Señales sin Edad maintains more highlights, but is more inconsistent than the debut, so they both grade out roughly the same. Horizonte are definitely worth another look... and deserve a proper reissue.

Priority: 3

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