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Saturday, April 16, 2016

CDRWL Priority 2 is live! Purple Peak Records update

So after some months, I have finally finished the Priority 2 wishlist on RYM. The list will be maintained here going forward. After some internal deliberation, I have decided to forgo the Priority 3 and None lists. While it would be nice for those albums to be reissued, they aren't of paramount importance (to me anyway). I will, however, continue to announce relevant CD reissues, which is also on RYM and has been for many months now.

I have been working frantically on the Purple Peak Records list. It took awhile for Jeff to bring over his goods, and then I got slammed with a work project that killed all of my free time in March. But we're on track again, and I think we'll still have a Spring List. So be sure to sign up if interested!

I think this will be the final entry into the CDRWL, unless I resuscitate the project. At this point, I'm content with the lists on RYM, which is far less work. As stated in October, I'm enjoying being a private collector again!


apps79 said...

hi Tom!

First Aid's album has been recently reissued, I own a copy of it through the Hifly Sound Anstalt label.Do you know if it's a legit one?

Best regards


Tom said...

Hi Apostolis, Well the evidence suggests a pirate. They have a lot of albums out suddenly, all without a prior reissue, and from all over the world. They are from "Liechtenstein" (yea sure), and they have no web presence at all. None of their reissues include band or label involvement. This is pretty much the pattern of all the bootlegs. Of course, I could never say that with 100% certainty, but it doesn't look good I'm afraid.

apps79 said...

that's what I suspected, the Liechtenstein tag was pretty suspicious, when I made aresearch for the label.Thanks for the fast response and waiting for the Purple Peak update.Cheers!

Heiko Westhagen said...

Just have a look on the post from the 15th!!!!


All the best,

Purple Peak Records said...

Thanks The H! I guess the question will be: Do they reissue Artcane on CD? Seems many of the labels have gone "LP only" of late. Which is OK too, but for those of us who own the originals (of course - not of all titles, but many yes), a CD companion would be nice :-)

Anonymous said...

Musea will release Artcane in September. Still don't know if on CD though.


Purple Peak Records said...

Yep - confirmed on CD! I had a couple of folks inquire....