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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Search Party, USA *** REISSUED ***

The Search Party - Montgomery Chapel. 1969 Century.

Time to crank up the CDRWL engine again! It was a nice little break, as I spent the last 6 months or so putting focus onto my existing LP & CD collection, rather than on the continuing dig through the rarity mine (with some exceptions of course). But I've got my pick ax and hard hat, and we're ready to be dropped into the shaft.

Midwest Mike has just sent me a pile of rarities on CD-R. And fusion fans of this blog know that no one has the jazz rock obscurities like Mike! So lots to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Before I start on that stack, I have a psych relic to cover off on first. I've heard about The Search Party ever since the 1980s when I first started receiving progressive and psych rarities catalogs. Even then, this album was off the charts rare and expensive. I never did bother to seek it out, figuring it was another over-hyped Christian psych album (you won't see me use the term over-hype very much, but with Christian psych, it truly does apply). So finally last week I heard the album. Oh wow, this really is good. No wonder everyone made a fuss years ago. My kind of atmospheric , doomy psych with Voxx organ, acoustic guitars, haunting male/female vocals and occasional fuzz guitar outbursts. About the only comparison I could think of is the brilliant Music Emporium album, on their more cosmic tripped out tracks.

Excellent then, I said to myself, now I need to buy the CD. What? There isn't one? Oh sure, I saw the usual suspects in the pirate world. But nothing that was confirmed legit. Now, there is a legit LP on the Void label, but no one it appears followed his lead for a CD. That's crazy! Where is Sundazed when I need them? As an aside, the Century label is not some boiler room operation, but rather a mainstream Christian music label from Los Angeles.

Obviously, I should have been on top of this one years ago. The Search Party therefore is making its long awaited debut today.

12/17/11 note: OK, it looks like Lion Productions (USA) will be reissuing this in 2012! Alright! (and said reissue happened in early 2013)

Priority: 2

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

News: Sireena to reissue Mythos "Quasar"

I think this is an inspired choice from Sireena."Quasar" was originally released in 1980, and for my tastes, their best album since "Dreamlab". Unfortunately the followup "Grand Prix" is a major let down. Not sure if Sireena will even bother with that title, but it will remain the only Mythos without a CD after "Quasar" is released. Date is tentatively scheduled for March, 2012.

We featured Quasar here.

News: EMI Japan to reissue Chronicle album

An interesting choice coming from Japan. Look for the mini-LP reissue this December.

Here are my notes, published only in the main guide: "Another one of those Japanese albums that's hard to find info on, given different Anglicized spellings to the original Japanese. Very similar to their "Like a Message From the Stars" album (1977) that was originally released on the US based All Ears label. Basically it's Japanese balladry mixed with lightly sprinkled Pink Floyd space rock. Similar to later era Far East Family Band or Flower Travelling Band."