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Friday, November 29, 2013

News: Strawberry Rain and Majemuk Records to reissue Abbhama from Indonesia

And speaking of albums I never got around to giving its own post, but have in the main list ("The Original CD Wish List"), here's one that I most assuredly would have eventually covered. And now I don't have to! Abbhama is an interesting album that mixes English Big 3 progressive rock with Asian pop music. I believe it was only issued as a cassette prior, similar to many Indonesian items from the 70s and 80s.

Here's the news announcement from Strawberry Rain: "One of the nice things about trading and collecting records is you meet people around the world.  One person I’ve dealt with for many years now, and developed a strong friendship with is AGUS from Jakarta, Indonesia.  Due to the amount of work we’ve both put in to the region, we’ve decided to combine forces to help bring the best products and licenses to both the World market, and Indonesian markets.  This will not only improve our overall output, but it will help the Indonesian market to get reissues in a more efficient manner.  Our first joint contract was finished today, and we’re proud to announce the upcoming release of the progressive rock “ABBHAMA BAND”, which we’ll release together on LP and CD for the first time ever!  This means both Strawberry Rain and Majemuk Records will be releasing “ABBHAMA BAND” on LP and CD in a joint venture, splitting the pressing across our regions respectfully.  I will also be supporting and helping to distribute all of Majemuk Records releases, and Majemuk will continue to support Strawberry Rain within the Indonesian region.  Look out for many projects from both labels, including Marcell Thee which is currently in production!"

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

John Bassman Group, Netherlands

John Bassman Group - Filthy Sky. 1970 A.S.P. (Germany)

I've got a whole new batch of rarities that have come in - some came from even before I finished the last series. I haven't had a chance to listen to any of those yet, and I'm targeting January/February to launch the 2014 Rarities Series.

In the meantime, I've been revisiting old CD-R's that I have laying about. Most of these are in the CDRWL now. Some have already been published with their own post, and on those I'm just updating the entries as I go (small tweaks to the reviews - maybe a priority change one point up or down). If there are any significant changes, I will let everyone know.

In addition to the small revisions, many of the titles never got their own post. In some cases, I still won't bother, but in others - such as this series of posts I have coming up - I think they're worthy. The reason this happened was - if you recall - I had moved to blogspot from my personal website (in 2009). So I was posting one album a day. But I was trying to focus on only the very best titles. As such, many of the titles just fell through the cracks. And John Bassman Group is a good example of that.

"Filthy Sky" is mostly run of the mill blues rock – some tracks are closer to the country barn than to the cities' dark brick alleyways. There are a couple of great tracks – especially 'His Name Was Tom', which has some of the coolest wah wah effects this side of Amon Duul II’s “Tanz Der Lemming”. The slow burn of 'Two Rings' is also not to be missed. There's some real junk on here too, namely the country/blues/gospel duo of 'Teddy Boy's Blues' and 'Sing a Song at my Grave'. And I've never been a fan of the selfish look-at-us hippy dippy rock of 'Woodstock Generation'. 'Can You Dig It' oddly reminds me of a jangly Black Sabbath 'Paranoid'. The John Bassman Group features a mix of XX and XY vocals. Might appeal to fans of Affinity and Goliath, but there's not near enough meat on the bones here to satisfy the hungry psych collector.

There is a legit LP on Missing Vinyl of Greece. But no legit CD to date.

Priority: none

Friday, November 22, 2013

News: Eloiteron's "Lost Paradise" to be reissued by Belle Antique

Well it's been a long time, if ever, that we received news on a Friday night for a new CD reissue. The always surprising Belle Antique (Marquee) of Japan have announced their intention to reissue Eloiteron's sole album on December 20th, in their usual mini-LP format. I couldn't find any supplemental reissue news around this - that is to say maybe something indigenous to Switzerland - but we know Belle Antique does things the right way, and achieves official rights upfront. Let's just hope they get a fine mastering on this like Old Man & the Sea and not like the tinny Aquarelle.

We featured Eloiteron years ago, and fortunately I own the original LP in case things go south.

As an aside, Panna Fredda's brilliant album will also be reissued in Japan for the first time by Belle Antique. I have both the original LP and the BTF CD, but might splurge for the extra Japanese copy here to see what they do with it.

And heck, while I'm at it, look for Abus Dangereux's debut and the Surya album to come out on Belle Antique as well.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

News: Jimmy, Yoko & Shin to be reissued on Think

Here's one I was planning on featuring for a long time, and just never got around to doing it. And now I don't have to, thanks to a tip from Laser Ken! Disc Union's jazz based label Think will be reissuing this scarce album from the progressive keyboard trio of Jimmy, Yoko and Shin. Though it was originally on Three Blind Mice - a label that is becoming increasingly collectable amongst jazz collectors "in the know" - the music on "Sei Shonagon" falls squarely in the progressive rock camp. I was most reminded of the obscure archival release by Mahoujin, that we featured over on the UMR a long while back.

I'm buying!