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Saturday, April 16, 2016

CDRWL Priority 2 is live! Purple Peak Records update

So after some months, I have finally finished the Priority 2 wishlist on RYM. The list will be maintained here going forward. After some internal deliberation, I have decided to forgo the Priority 3 and None lists. While it would be nice for those albums to be reissued, they aren't of paramount importance (to me anyway). I will, however, continue to announce relevant CD reissues, which is also on RYM and has been for many months now.

I have been working frantically on the Purple Peak Records list. It took awhile for Jeff to bring over his goods, and then I got slammed with a work project that killed all of my free time in March. But we're on track again, and I think we'll still have a Spring List. So be sure to sign up if interested!

I think this will be the final entry into the CDRWL, unless I resuscitate the project. At this point, I'm content with the lists on RYM, which is far less work. As stated in October, I'm enjoying being a private collector again!