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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Laurence Vanay, France *** REISSUED ***

Laurence Vanay - Galaxies. 1974 SFP (Societe Francaise de Productions Phonographiques)
Laurence Vanay - Gateway Evening Colours. 1975 Galloway (aka "Evening Colours" 1976 CAM)

*** Reissued by Lion Productions***

Moved to UMR

Priority: 1


Anonymous said...

which 3 do you mean ? magic slow, thierry graal - le vagabond de histoire ? or does she have two more solo lp's

Tom said...


Here's the 3 remaining LPs that I have not heard. These were all confirmed via a personal e-mail exchange with Jacqueline herself. Unfortunately she didn't have copies either!

So, yes, Magic Slows is one (possibly under the name Marie Mennesson). And two later solo albums.

Laurence Vanay (Marie Mennesson) - Magic Slows. 1975 SPF.

Laurence Vanay - Les Soleils de la Vie. 1978 ???

Laurence Vanay - La Petite Fenetre. 1979 ???

Any help or information is very much appreciated!

- Tom

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom

thanks a lot for the info, was unaware of the two other lp's, im very interested in hearing them too..i have the thierry graal lp where she plays keyboards, but it's more of a chanson, folkrock album..

strawbsfan said...

I do have a Laurence Vanay Best of from 2000 where tracks from her "lost albums" are featured if you are interested.
She also scored the soundtrack for "Glaciers Interdits" in 1976

Tom said...

That's very interesting about the soundtrack, I didn't know that.

I do know the comp you're talking about. Do you know which tracks were not from Galaxies and Gateway? If I remember right, the 'La Petite Fenetre' song is on there. The guy in France who helped negotiate these reissues sent me a copy of that one track. Any others?

Thanks as always for the comments!

- Tom

strawbsfan said...

Laurence Vanay - Best Of

1 Galaxies
2 L'oiseau De Lune
3 Voyage Les Yeux Fermés
4 Mamie
5 Le Manège Des Petits Soldats
6 Strange Moments
7 Evening Colours
8 Le Jardin D'Archambault
9 Berceuse Pour Un Ami
10 Prière Pour Un Nouvel Amour
11 Majunga
12 Chantal
13 Le Coeur Lourd
14 La Petite Fenêtre
15 Picopiki
16 Le Loup Qui Pleure
17 Glaciers Interdits
18 Oualidia
19 Forgotten Moments
20 Twin Cities

Tracks 2, 5, 12, 14, 15, 18 are listed as previously unreleased
Track 17 is the title track from the Soundtrack "Glaciers Interdits"

To my knowledge there are 7 tracks from Galaxies and Evening Colours leaving a few that would be from her other albums...but since I don't have these it makes it hard to say for sure :)

Tom said...

Thanks Strawbsfan!

isabelbc said...

- Galaxies http://www.proggnosis.com/PGRelease.asp?RID=27308
- Gateway