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Monday, August 24, 2009

Memoriance, France

Memoriance - Et Apres. 1976 Europa.
Memoriance - L'Ecume Des Jours. 1979 Philips.

Relatively well known French progressive rock band, who are similar to other groups of the era like Atoll, Pentacle, Carpe Diem, Pulsar and even Shylock. There's a slight psychedelic air on the debut, whereas the second is a full blown concept album.

For years, this was on Musea's "coming soon" list, but it never materialized. Perhaps Belle Antique of Japan will pick this out of their archives, similar to what they did with the Speed Limit albums. Or maybe Musea will start the reissue engine themselves. We can hope?

Priority: 1 (for Et Apres)

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