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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kennedy, Japan *** REISSUED ***

Kennedy - Twinkling NASA. 1986 Nexus.

*** Reissued by King Records, October 2013 ***

A heavy symphonic (in the 1980s dramatic keyboard overload sense) fusion record. The highlights are provided from the rather pyrotechnic guitar work, which works well when juxtaposed against the digital onslaught that defines most of the album. 'Flying Ship Part 1' is a killer piece of Kenso-esque fusion. Good record, though not among the top tier of the 1980s Japanese progressive rock acts. Strange this isn't on CD - one of the rare major label albums from Japan in the 1980s that didn't get reissued. Their second album "Kennedy!" did manage a Musea reissue a few years back.

Priority: none

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