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Friday, January 22, 2010

Tamarisk, England *** REISSUED ***

Tamarisk - s/t. 1982 private. Cassette only release.
Tamarisk - Lost Properties. 1983 private. Cassette only release.

*** Both reissued on CD by the band in December, 2012.

UMR review here

Just as I'm trying to get my arms around the UK free festival cassette culture of the mid to late 80's, I'm also digging back into one of my early loves - the original UK neo prog scene of Pallas, Marillion, iQ, Pendragon, LaHost, Twelfth Night, et al... Tamarisk was one I missed from back in the day, but a good friend of this site sent me both of these albums on CD-R, and I was reminded of everything I like about the scene. They're tight, melodic, fast and reasonably complex. The vocalist sounds like every other UK vocalist who spent a wasted youth with his dogeared Genesis albums (I mean that as a compliment). The guitar playing, in particular, is well done. And lots of mellotron on "Lost Properties". All in all, very satisfying material. I'm not sure how many EP's and full albums I'm still missing from the NWOBPR scene (not to be confused with NWOBHM), but I'm curious what's still out there to be discovered. (for example, I just found out recently that LaHost's full works were released on CD in 1992. And I was pleasantly surprised by how strong the material was there too.)

Priority: 2

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