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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Klockwerk Orange, Austria *** REISSUED ***

Klockwerk Orange - Abakadabra. 1975 CBS.

*** Reissued by Digatone in May of 2013 ***

Extremely rare progressive album with 3 long tracks. Very Teutonic sounding, reminding me of similar era German groups such as Pancake, Madison Dyke and Minotaurus. The unique element at play here is the use of trumpet. So you get a little Tijuana Brass meets ELP. Gotta hear 'Tijuana Taxi' collide with 'Manticore'!

Priority: 3


ProgCzar said...

LOVE this album!

Anonymous said...

it got recently reissued as 2xLP+CD incl 2 unreleased songs + 2 bonus live versions on the Austrian label Digatone