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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Popera Cosmic, France

Popera Cosmic - Les Enclaves. 1969 CBS.

I've had this on cassette forever, and totally forgot about it until recently. This is a very early William Sheller effort, and is pretty close to an exploitation album (there's even a cover of 'Batman' for crying out loud!). But it can't be written off so easily, as there are many experimental, avant garde, and flat out interesting rock segments that are way ahead its time for 1969. Also sung in French which was still unusual for the rock scene in those days. I actually think this would do well in the reissue market - especially with DJs who love to sample vintage sounds.

Priority: 3


Meidad said...

Don't have this one but i remember hearing Lux Aterna by Sheller from 1971 and it was VERY GOOD ONE which i still try to still from my friend Mark Jung :-)

Tom said...

Lux Aeterna is GREAT! I have the Japanese CD on CBS - rare as hen's teeth these days. Someone should probably reissue it again.