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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Proyecto A, Spain ***REISSUED***

Proyecto A - s/t. 1970 RCA

***Reissued by Sommor (Guerssen) December 2015

At the meeting point of psych and progressive rock. Surprisingly sophisticated for an album from Spain during the Franco era (especially as early as 1970). Lots of fuzz bass and guitar, along with a horn section. All the album tracks are planet names, and it seems to be a concept album of some sort about Roman gods. Probably Spain's first progressive rock album, pre-dating Maquina and Pan y Regaliz. Nice gatefold cover.

Priority: 2


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom!

I just found out, that there seems to exist a CD-Reissue of "Impressions on reading Aldous Huxley"! But I bet, this is a bootleg. Or do you know the Label Austria Record Finder?

See here:




Tom said...

Hi Achim,

I'm rather certain that's a bootleg. I saw that in Record Heaven as well, and they do carry a lot of boots, so I did some research immediately. Nothing at all has surfaced that it's legit unfortunately. If that changes, I'll be sure to report it soon!

As you know, I would LOVE to see that reissued. Certainly in my Top 10 of albums that still need a reissue!

- Tom