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Monday, August 23, 2010

Blim, England ***REISSUED***

Blim - Zero. 1992 cassette.
Blim - No Frills. 1993 cassette.

Outstanding festival psychedelic space rock band. Blim were an offshoot of Omnia Opera and was intended to be a more progressive variation of the already excellent parent band. And they achieved just that. If you ever wanted to hear Ozric Tentacles take things to a more complex level, Blim is your chance to hear it! Also reminds me some of Mandragora's earlier works, when they were experimenting with various styles and structures. These are two of the best albums I've heard from the entire festival scene. Brilliant guitar work throughout. Would make for an outstanding reissue. Both have better productions than many of the cassette releases of the day.

Priority: 2

1 comment:

BLIM said...

Hi - BLIM here! :-) Thanks for your very kind words regarding our music! Just so you know, your wish has come true! The two BLIM albums have now been fully digitally remastered into a 2CD gatefold double album (150 minutes), with lots of bonus tracks.
You can find out all about it here :
Cheers, and thanks again :-)