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Monday, September 27, 2010

Splash, Sweden

Splash - Ut På Vischan. 1972 Polydor
Splash - s/t. 1974 PLA
Splash - Splash 2. 1978 PLA

On Ut På Vischan one will hear a typical horn rock album very much modeled after Chicago or Blood, Sweat and Tears. Except it's sung in Swedish (always a favorite language at the CDRWL). Like most horn rock albums, there are some great instrumental charts offset by some lame songs. Not bad, and does sport a great cover.

Splash (1974) moved to UMR

On Splash 2, the group has moved from standard pop rock structures to an improvisational jazz rock unit. I hesitate to use the word "fusion" here, as they clearly weren't emulating the usual suspects like Return to Forever or Weather Report. And at times they have that college level stage band type tightness. There's also a little bit of silliness calling out their Zappa influence (not to mention some fine guitar soloing). And even a little dancing around the barn music to open the album.

Priority: 2


Anonymous said...

christer jansson (guitarist in splash) is my music teatcher :)

Tom said...

Lucky you! Tell him he needs to get the Splash albums reissued! :-)