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Monday, May 2, 2011

News: Polyphony to come out on Gear Fab!

Well I'll be darned. Never thought I'd see a legit reissue of this one come out. Gear Fab is a quirky US based label, who primarily focus on 60's psych and garage, but from time to time will also reissue albums in what the CDRWL features. Glenn Howard confirms this reissue on his Facebook page. I have no details of bonus tracks or if it's even from the original masters tape. We'll find out soon enough (tentative date is set for July 2011).

This one has been booted many times. Hopefully everyone will ditch their former copy and obtain this one. That's exactly what I plan to do. I also have the original LP, which I would not sell in any case.

Wow - the reissues are coming fast and furious now! What a great month it's been.

Our feature of Polyphony here.


Anonymous said...

Keep your bootleg, the 1st track JUGGERNAUT is missing the 1st essential 7 seconds of the song. Another Gearfab fuck-up...

Purple Peak Records said...

Really? I still haven't picked up this version. I wonder why they did that? Perhaps a good reason to hold on tight to the original LP!