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Friday, June 17, 2011

Kashmir, Switzerland

Kashmir - Alarme! (aka Je Suis...). 1979 Kiswell. (Je Suis... was the original private issue)
Kashmir - Histoire Cruelle. 1982 Kobold.
Kashmir - Les Reflets du Lac. 19??.

Here's a group that I had forgotten about in my original CDRWL. Years ago I had the LP version of "Alarme!". It was fairly decent, but not enough to keep and I moved it in an ebay auction.

Based on a comment from StrawbsFan, I checked the album out again, and I found it to be slightly better than I remembered, but still not something I'd be willing to stump for to a CD reissue label. Basically it's similar to other electronic duos like Eden (France), Jonathan (Germany) and maybe even Space Art.

Shortly thereafter, StrawbsFan also shared with me the very rare second album 'Histoire Cruelle". I had remembered seeing this in rare LP catalogs, with a prohibitive price tag and I'd left it on a curiosity list forever. Until it dropped off. That was a mistake, as I hear this second album better than the debut. It is, however, not an easy album to describe. 4 listens in, and I'm not sure what I can tell you here. It's a mix of Tangerine Dream styled electronic, new wave synth pop, keyboard heavy progressive rock with fat fuzzy guitar leads and early Klaus Schulze styled dirges. There's a lot here to discover, and I think it could be a grower. Reason enough to warrant a CD.

Very little data can be found on "Les Reflets du Lac". I recommend you check out Mutant Sounds for their "Alarme!" entry, and read the comments section from Raphael who states he is the son of the founder of Kashmir - and has some fantastic information. Still I have to wonder if this third album was actually released? Anyone know for sure?

Thanks again to StrawbsFan!

Priority: 3 (for Histoire Cruelle)


strawbsfan said...

Thanks for the credit Tom. I am glad you enjoyed Histoire Cruelle
You made me discover so much I am glad I could share a little bit.
Thanks again for everything, news tidbits and all :)

Julianryan said...

My friend finally found a copy of 'reflets du lac' ... I can't believe it

Purple Peak Records said...

Nice, Julian! Let us know what you think of the music once you hear it!