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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

News: Sway to be reissued soon (kind of)

Thanks to an insider tip, we have learned that the magnificent Sway album is being reissued with permission from the band. Not sure of the label name yet, but it is coming out from Italy in a mini-LP format. This is fantastic news and one of our Priority 2's!

You should be seeing it from your favorite dealer soon :-)

August 5, 2013 update: OK, I have it in my hands now. Well... first thing is the "obi" strip uses my description for the album. And they didn't ask for permission. Not that I care all that much really, but it is protocol to do such - so that's a major red flag right there. The sound is absolutely fine considering it's not from the masters. And we do have it on good authority that Palumbo himself is aware of this reissue. This is the classic "gray area" reissue. Sometimes I see that term when they outright mean to say it's a pirate edition. This is not the case here. All the same - I'm not considering this reissued legit, and will keep in the main list. Unless I hear convincing data otherwise. But I don't regret buying this version, and if a legit CD comes along, I'll buy it again willingly. But it's my understanding the masters are gone, and demand is light, so this is probably it. Unfortunately.


Tristan Stefan said...

That's fantastic news. I hope it's soon!

Eddie Lascu said...

The label, if I decipher correctly that tiny pictogram in the bottom left corner is CPT Record. No information whatsoever on the internet about such a label.

Tom said...

Hi Eddie,

CPT is the original LP label (same as Groupe X's first album). The CD is a vinyl transfer and they have an obi like strip that uses my description of the album. Not legit, though I've been told Sante Palumbo is OK with this reissue. That tells me that the legal rights might be tied up with the original label. That would be my guess anyway.

- Tom