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Friday, September 27, 2013

Circles, Germany *** REISSUED ***

Circles - s/t. 1983 Einhorn
Circles - More Circles. 1984 Einhorn
Circles - Third Cycle. 1987 Einhorn

Mental Experience (Spain) has reissued the first 2, and Bureau B has issued an archival release. No word about Third Cycle, though I'm considering this band as closed for now.

I've been sitting on the first Circles album forever, wanting to blog about it, but figured it would be nice - and more informative - if I could get a hold of one of their other two albums. Thanks to Gnosis Mike, I now have "More Circles" too. I have yet to hear "Third Cycle".

What drew me to the debut by Circles is this isn't some ordinary electronik album. There are few sequencers and no Moog solos. No - rather Circles seems to have channeled their inner Can, especially their instrumental years around 1974 and 1975 - that happened to be documented many years after these recordings via The Peel Sessions (and my personal favorite era of the band). Lots of psychedelic guitars, psychotic echoed vocals, flute, sax, trumpet, and even some steady metronomic drums (perhaps almost too rock oriented compared to the ultra disciplined Can). Some of the spacier moments recall Cluster's "II" album. It's amazing to me how well Circles' debut album captures the early 1970s Krautrock spirit. There's absolutely nothing Eighties about it.

"More Circles" not only moves Circles much further ahead in time, but also about one country to the West. There is no doubt the duo was heavily influenced by one Richard Pinhas for "More Circles". Some of this could have been outtakes from Heldon's "Interface". While I was amazed at how the debut captured the zeitgeist of the original Krautrock scene, here they seem to have completely embedded themselves into 1979 France. If you're like me, and your idea of a good time is listening to loud fuzz guitar up front with synthesizers providing the backdrop, well then... grab you a copy of "More Circles". That would explain Side 1 anyway. Side 2 is far more experimental, and while there's some of the excellence of Heldon here too, there also some pretty far out avant garde ideas as well. An uncompromising piece of music.

Priority: 2

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