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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tantor, Argentina

Tantor - s/t. 1979 Philips

This is another one from the CD-R revisit project. I didn't have this title listed prior, because I thought it had been reissued already, but it turns out that the only press (along with their second, and less lauded 1982 followup "Magico y Natural") is dubious at best. So if nothing else, we're calling for a better reissue!

Tantor, from Argentina, were yet another band from this era to tackle the fusion genre with alacrity. Tight and energetic fusion is the order of the day, with 1979 period instruments dominating the sounds. Tantor are exactly what I'd imagine Crucis to sound like had they released an album in 1979.

Priority: 3

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