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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yoshitaka Azuma, Japan ***Reissued***

Yoshitaka Azuma - Moonlight of Asia. 1981 Nippon Columbia

Here's another one from the CD-R Revisit Project. This was sent in by MM a few years ago - at the same time as the Lalena album we just featured. But at least in this case I had it rated everywhere, with an entry in the main list. I'm just promoting it to a feature post.

"Moonlight of Asia" is an early all-instrumental work by future video game composer Azuma. Somewhat similar to same period Kitaro, and a precursor to what Motoi Sakuraba would accomplish later in the decade. He has other albums from this period ("Asian Wind", "Far From Asia"), which I'll guess to be in a similar vein. I was later advised that his other (3) albums are much more laid back and that "Moonlight of Asia" is the more progressive rock influenced of the bunch. Not to be overlooked is the fine analog synthesizer work - especially some of the fat Moog sequencer runs. A good one for fans of late 70s electronic music. Details for this artist in English are scarce.

***Reissued by Nippon Columbia April, 2013 ***

Priority: none

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