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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

News: Nadavati's sole album to be reissued on Soleil Zeuhl soon!

Well this one certainly caught me off guard. We learned from Wayside's mailer today that Nadavati's sole album "Le vent de l'esprit souffle où il veut" will be reissued on CD soon. Certainly not typical fare for the Zeuhl biased label - but an album I'm very grateful they are reissuing and I will be a first day buyer! Our prior feature here.


Purple Peak Records said...

Great! I look forward to hearing this on CD! I love all the bands you compared it too as well.

Purple Peak Records said...

Well - my comment makes no sense. Alain's comments and the last 50 that were left on this blog are now completely gone due to the magic of a really poor interface. Oh well - for those who left comments since April, my apologies.