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Friday, June 19, 2015

Kiyoshi Tanaka and Super Session, Japan (aka Seiji Tanaka To Super Session) ***REISSUED**

Kiyoshi Tanaka & Super Session - British Rock Live In Japan. 1972 Teichiku

***Reissued by Think (Japan) in Sept 2016 ***

We have a big one here, kids. I've seen this record referenced many times in the past by Japanese dealers, but had no idea what it was. Even in some of our entries here on the CDRWL, you will see odd references to it. And now we have finally heard it. Holy moly! It is so comforting to know there are still treasures like this to be found out there in the wilderness. And it's in Japan where we find the gifts that keep on giving. The AC has really outdone himself this time. What a discovery! Maybe we'll get lucky like with Akira Ishikawa, and we'll see a reissue quickly.

First, the AC's notes: "While drummer Tanaka is ostensibly the leader of this particular studio group, it's really just another incarnation of the Hoguchi/Mizutani gang heard on so many of these sessions. However, by this time they had lost their minds entirely and exited the studio having belched out one of the most insanely over the top instrumental psych/prog freakouts ever to defile the ears of man. This thing was touted to be a live concert of popular British/American psych/rock tunes by artists such as Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. Except that it's absolutely none of the above. A little fake audience noise can't hide the fact that this is a (very well recorded) "live in the studio" jam session, and there's nary a hint of any cover material at all. Instead, we're assaulted with an amazingly long (almost a full hour!) instrumental blowout, divided into two continuously running side-long tracks. It all seems to be semi-improvised, driven by pummeling rhythms that sort of ebb and flow while the bass, guitar and organ converge and coalesce into one freaky jam after another. Even the most stoned-out-of-their-minds krautrockers would have been shocked by this level of depravity. This is so excessive in fact, that one might imagine modern Japanese psychonauts like Acid Mothers Temple having descended directly from this family tree. Except that they didn't, and this is about ten thousand times cooler. Needs a reissue ASAP, but I'm not sure these guys even remember recording it at this point..."

LOL on that last sentence, and probably the flat out truth. OK, I heard some Pink Floyd on Side 2 for certain (and it's the already-psychotic 'Echoes' no less). But their version travels deep into the Krautrock cave to never return back to sanity, coloring it almost unrecognizable over time. And... do I really need to say anything else regarding the album? This is Krautrock freakout city. You know the drill - debut albums by Guru Guru, Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream, etc... If you enjoy that sort of thing, then you will absolutely swoon for this one. If not - run... run... RUN FAR AWAY from it. I think you know where the CDRWL stands on these kind of albums already. And, as such, we deem it a...

Priority: 1


Shige said...

Thanks for the info of this album.
I correct his name .
His name is "Seiji Tanaka" ,not "Kiyoshi Tanaka "
Info about him.

Tom said...

Thanks Shige! Excellent info. I used Google translate to read.

Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if some kind soul could share a rip of this online, if there is no known plan to reissue it yet. So many people would want to hear this! There are so many awesome gems from Japan yet to be reissued in any form (as for the rest of the world - anyone who still thinks "everything is on the internet" is just plain wrong!).
Likewise a share of the original unreleased Akira Ishikawa/Masahiko Satoh and friends 'Impressions of Africa: Uganda' (https://www.discogs.com/Masahiko-Satoh-Akira-Ishikawa-His-Count-Buffalos-The-Jazz-Rock-Band-Terumasa-Hino-Quartet-Toshiyuki-/release/7711773) would be so very much appreciated. It would be a kind of miracle if that one ever got reissued officially, and I know someone out there has a copy.

Anonymous said...

This has been reissued on CD now! I'm waiting for my copy to arrive, and hoping it hasn't been exaggerated too much in your review ;-)

Tom said...

Really? That's great news! I can say it's not exaggerated for myself, and I'm buying the CD immediately! :-) Time to do some research.