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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Skywhale, England

Skywhale - The World at Mind's End. 1977 private

So here's the final of the "we thought it was on CD, turned out it was on CD-R" type of entry.  And this one hurts the most, because it's my favorite of the lot. I'd been crowing about this one on CD ever since it came out in 2006, and delighted many other fans with this news. And then our good friend Spacefreak pointed out what should have been obvious to my eyes: It's a CD-R. "Please don't tell me that!". Of course he was right. Sigh. This was another one of those CD Baby "CD's". They really did a disservice by not telling the truth about them being CD-R's. I can only blame myself though, as I should have been more careful when researching / inspecting. It is a legit CD-R from the band, so it's not a total loss. We just prefer factory pressed CDs. I'll of course keep the CD-R until which time (if) a regular CD comes out. They need to remaster it anyway, as it wasn't the best of jobs to begin with.

As for the music, Skywhale is one of the rare non-Canterbury UK fusion albums that sound more in line with what was happening over the Channel in places like France, Denmark and Germany. For those that likes chops and melody, with plenty of good time signatures to keep it all interesting. It knows to stop at the point where the solos begin to drag. A must pickup for anyone who likes bands such as Carpe Diem, Secret Oyster, or Munju.

Priority: 2

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