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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Maajun, France

Maajun - Vivre La Mort Du Vieux Monde. 1971 Vogue.

As I've stated in a couple of places already, two words that go so well together are Wacky and French. Mix in 1971 and Underground Rock and you have the perfect Champagne Cocktail. There's the expected juxtapositions that match the anguished French tantrums with the delicate flute, the heavy electric guitar with the spacey voice, the menacing violin with the soft acoustic guitar, the screeching sax with the chanting monks. Well, we could go all day here. It's what you would expect from an album that translates more or less to "Long Live the Death of the Old World". This unabashed creativeness defines the time and place. Makes you almost want to riot at La Sorbonne, just as a raison d'etre. VDGG fans, listen for the French Peter Hammill-like vocals interspersed throughout here.

The group slightly changed its name to Mahjun on subsequent albums.

If we're lucky, perhaps Musea will crank up the reissue machine and get onto this one!

Priority: 1

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