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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Recreation, Belgium

Recreation - Don't Open. 1971 Triangle. Issued with a different, and better, cover on Bellaphon (the second one displayed here).
Recreation - Music or Not Music. 1972 Barclay.

I recently bought the LP of Music or Not Music. A cover like that needs to be owned! I only have a CD-R of Don't Open.

The debut by this Belgian trio is a kick – somewhere between the avant space psych of Group 1850, the rigid metronomics of Egg and exploito organ-led covers of classic psych tracks. Great fuzz bass and go-go organ sounds throughout. For “Music or Not Music”, the music takes a decidedly creative turn while adding guitar to the mix. An all-over-the-map type release, totaling 15 tracks, that reminds me some of Aphrodite’s Child’s “666” album, minus the pop songs. The quirkiness and overall demeanor recall some of the earlier work by Supersister. Like the debut, this is entirely instrumental.

Pseudonym would have done this a few years ago - would love to see a label like Musea tackle it. Or even Esoteric!

Priority: 1 (for Music or Not Music)

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