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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time, England

Time - s/t. 1975 Buk (BULP 2005) also released in Germany on Buk (17 22536-4).

I have the catalog numbers here so you, the reader, have a slight chance of finding this album (good luck in searching for Time and Buk).

Full review over at UMR.

What a great album. Very complex for the time and place. Somewhat like Yes' "Relayer" crossed with "Power and the Glory" Gentle Giant (you won't see me use these type of mainstream comparisons much, because they rarely apply - but they do in this case!). And the vocalist reminds me quite a bit of the guy from Flash, or maybe even Yezda Urfa (and the complexity of the music too on the latter). I also hear a little Fruupp and Jonesy here too. This is one of the last great major label British albums not on CD (OK, maybe Buk wasn't major, but they were definitely a AAA minor league label).

This would be a perfect fit for Esoteric and an album many would love, I think, if they had a chance to hear it.

Priority: 1


Anonymous said...

Agreed - cool record, though pretty raw recording/production. And the first time I've ever seen the cover!

Anonymous said...

Is the reissue (CD) on Prog Temple legit?

Tom said...

I seriously doubt it. New name on me. But before we pass final judgment, can you send me details on the label?