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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Soular System, Canada

Soular System - Birth of Paradise. 1971 BASF.

Not much is known about this mysterious electronic album. The only name associated with it is James Bolden, and the album was released in France, as apparently Bolden was residing in Paris at the time. The music sounds more 1978 than 1971, as the electronics have that late 1970s sound especially the electronic percussion (though the computer drums are primitive sounding, similar to Klaus Schulze's "Picture Music"). Some psychedelic guitar on Side 2 adds much needed variety to an otherwise mundane album. I was reminded of Didier Paquette or Alain Renaud's first album.

Priority: none


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say this album is mundane... sure it's repetitive in part, but gradually evolving as the hypnotic, psychedelic mood unfurls. I love it as a deep trip to get drawn into. I'd love to find out more about the guy behind this album!


Tom said...

Thanks Chris for the comment. I always appreciate positive discourse!