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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Motiffe, England

Motiffe - s/t. 1972 Derby.

Recently reissued on LP by Shadoks. This is the version I own and it's a huge improvement on the bootleg CD. But it's clearly not from master tapes. One member of the band was in touch with me for awhile and had offered me a copy of the album (on CD-R) from his own archive. Not sure how that sounds, as it never arrived. The sad thing is, the primarily instrumental music here is brilliant progressive rock. But the pressed LP version sounds very muffled. Not sure if a good cleanup job would do the trick, or if it's a lost cause. Whatever you do, don't buy the bootleg CD-R on Ammonite that came out in the late 1990s. It was taken from a vinyl copy that sounds like it was dumped into the washing machine.

First cover is the original, second is the Shadoks reissue (not sure why they used different art work).

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Priority: 3

1 comment:

Peter Colclough biton@compuserve.com said...

Hi there,

We managed John Grimaldi, and Cheap Flights in the 70s. I have started a archive of Johns music, as it doesn't deserve to get lost to future generations... he was a true innovator. It can be found here:

www.soundcloud.com/woodygsd .

These are free to listen/download... its all for posterity. There are around 60 tracks in all, and as you will see it shows the eclectic nature of John and his music, as it covers all the popular genres of the 70s. Pics are there too.

Most of this has come via tape, and from various sources, and we are slowly trying to clean up what we have (the technology exists). Thought you may be interested.

I have downloaded some MP3 versions of Motiffe, and am going to try a simple clean up to see what happens. However, if you have a good version, and would consider donating, it would be absolutely amazing (I kid you not).

For your information, as you know John sadly died in 1983 of MS. What I think you don't know is Mark Pasterfield, who played drums in Motiffe, also joined him in Cheap Flights in 1977 (recordings on soundcloud), but also really devastatingly died of a thrombosis in 1978/9.

Really really hope this email finds you, and makes sense.

Speak soon

Peter Colclough