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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zanov, France ***REISSUED***

Zanov - Green Ray. 1977 Polydor
Zanov - Moebius 256 301. 1978 Polydor
Zanov - In Course of Time. 1983 SFPP

*** In Course of Time reissued by Groove Unlimited April 2015 ***
*** Green Ray reissued by Groove Unlimited November 2016 ***
*** Moebius 256 031 reissued by Groove Unlimited September 2017 ***

Sequencer based electronic musician, whose real name is Pierre Zalkazanov. Given the one man nature of the recordings, Klaus Schulze would be the obvious influence. Though musically there's more Tangerine Dream "Stratosfear" than "Mirage" or "Blackdance". And surprisingly very little Heldon touches, given how influential Pinhas was in his own country (at least in the underground). There were very few artists in this field in the late 1970s (today there are hundreds), so Zanov deserves credit for being one of the pioneers. Though from a purely musical perspective, "Green Ray" and "Moebius 256 301" aren't quite as well developed as his more recognized peers of the day. Still, always nice to hear those fat analog synths battle it out. I haven't heard the 1983 album.

1/19/11 update: OK, now I've heard the In Course of Time album. And it's precisely in the style of the first 2. A very good album. In fact, good enough to convince me that all of these should be Priority 2 instead of 3. Essential listening for Schulze fans (like me).

Priority: 2

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