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Sunday, December 4, 2011

White Wing, USA *** REISSUED ***

White Wing - s/t. 1976 ASI

*** Reissued by Blood and Iron, 2017 ***

Moved to RYM

Priority: none


spacefreak said...

I had the "Armed to the Teeth" album by ASIA but sold it back in the 80s. I remember not being impressed at all. Loads of sting mellotron washes but very pompous slick AOR sound.

Purple Peak Records said...

Yea, I didn't care for it much back then either. But it's really grown on me in that "Midwest USA hard rock/AOR/progressive rock" hybrid sound that's so strangely satisfying. It could just be a nostalgia thing for me growing up here in the US - and the sounds of the radio from that time. :-)

Anonymous said...

I knew the owner of ASI Records and in fact the site of their old studio (now a parking lot)is just a couple miles from where I live. White Wing had a write-up in Billboard comparing them to The Moody Blues and the band from Rapid City, South Dakota toured heavily throughout the Upper Midwest as both a headliner and opening act for bands like Styx etc..

Eric - Glory Daze Music

Anonymous said...

Released by "Blood and Iron Records" alongside the Asia Album.


All the best,