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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fondation, France ***REISSUED (sort of)***

Fondation - Sans Etiquette (France) 1978 Eurock
Fondation - Metamorphoses (France) 1980 private
Fondation - La Vaisseau Blanc (France) 1983 Tago Mago All are cassette only releases.

***To be reissued by Bureau B in Jan 2018. However it is a compilation CD rather than the 3 albums in full***

Fondation were a duo made up of Ivan Coaquette (Spacecraft, Musica Elettronica Viva) on guitar and electronics and Annanka Raghel on organ and voices. For "Sans Etiquette" the first side contains one long, dark electronic soundscape (primarily droning organ), with haunting female voice. The other side is more rhythmic with some fine guitar. "Metamorphoses" is the best of the 3, features a more varied palette, and tracks closest to the Heldon/Spacecraft model (though more dynamic and interesting than Spacecraft). No less worthy, the final album features female French narration from Annanka (she has a beautiful speaking voice), with plenty of excellent guitar and electronic floating on top. All three of these are worthy of a reissue and would make for a wonderful set.

Priority: 2

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