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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mackenzie Theory, Australia

Mackenzie Theory - Bon Voyage. 1974 Mushroom.

I've delayed the posting of this one long enough. It was pre-announced to be reissued by Aztec in 2009 along with the second pressing of "Out of the Blue" (which was first put on CD by the original label Mushroom, before they went out of business). Aztec no longer publishes their coming soon list (or I couldn't find it), and so I'm not sure if this is still on their docket or not. Exact same dilemma as with the much anticipated reissue of Dragon's second album "Scented Garden's For the Blind".

Mackenzie Theory are an excellent fusion band lead by electric viola and guitar, similar to a slightly stripped down Mahavishnu Orchestra. "Bon Voyage" is a bit more jammy than the debut. Four long tracks.

Priority: 3

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