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Thursday, January 17, 2013

News: Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family to be reissued in March!

Thanks to a tip from our friend and Gnosis mate Nobuhisa in Tokyo, we learned that the very obscure Japanese album "Kankaku Shikou" by Yasuo Inada & Bemi Family will be reissued on March 1. The label behind this endeavor is called Bridge, which is a new label for us, but apparently has a quite a presence in Japan. We are clearly in a Renaissance time for reissues of Japanese indigenous underground rock albums of the early 1970s!

Be sure to read our original entry, with excellent insights from Shige over at Prog Not Frog. In the comments, you'll see Nobuhisa's remarks as well.

Here's the label blurb, translated from its original Japanese by Google, and so it's a complete and total mess. But I think you can figure out most of this (it appears the title of the album means "sense"):

"Great masterpiece of progressive rock Mellotron sum is finally reissued.Reprint inlay-fidelity hand-written at the time Obi LP · Released in 1975· Dared latest interview cooperation of Mr. Yasuo Inada himselfLatest remastered sound-2013Specifications 2CD Ketteiban full songs plus seven currently difficult to obtain!In addition to thinking "sense" the only work that Yasuo Inada has left in 1974, "this morning Sunshine cw /" single was released in the same period, "cw / Little Sunshine Okichan dolphin theme song" of the International Ocean Exposition Okinawa , recording a performance of "The Sun" in the "East-West" sponsored Yamahaongakushinkokai. Ketteiban just covering the work of Yasuo Inada in the 1970s!The performer thinking "sense": (KEYBOARDS) Yasuo Inada, (DRUMS) Shoji Fujii, (E.Guitar) Shozo Shimura, ONNA (pf) Shoji Fujii on drums (Smoky Medicine, Ippudo, etc.), the guitar also recorded piano fluent Shozo Shimura, by someone in addition to it has been credited under the name of "ONNA?". And, Yasuo Inada is responsible for a variety of keyboard instrument synthesizer, Moog, Hammond organ, and Mellotron.

M-1, M-2 with the motif of a "shadow reflected in the water" original works of Debussy Suite elongated form with the motif of the "Pathetique" Beethoven. M-3 is a single piece that was previously released under the name "Family Yasuo Inada & Bae Mi".Unique melody that has been spun out by intuition, the music structure too much freedom will continue to expand the exciting and complex are thinking "sense" exactly. Work a very high degree of perfection embodied in the best possible way with the catharsis of progressive rock.In addition, aggregated into a single bonus disc together sound, which was released around the same time of the release thinking "sense" this time. Mascot was done (same song and M-3 of the Journal "thinking feeling") singles that have been released under the name "& Bae Mi family Yasuo Inada" M-1, in 1975 the "International Ocean Exposition, Okinawa" M-3 and M-4 theme song "Okichan" is also included original karaoke version was unearthed recently.M-7 are live recordings was awarded best keyboardist from the "East-West '77"

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