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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Bob Bath Band, USA

The Bob Bath Band - Traces of Illusion. 1984 RPC.

And here's another entry from the shrouded figure known as He Who Must Not Be Named. RPC was an on-demand custom pressing plant from New Jersey, and some of the rarest albums from the USA are on this imprint, because it wasn't a true "label". Not in the traditional sense anyway. Generally RPC was used for churches and schools, and the final product was meant for family, friends, congregations, i.e. keepsakes. On "Traces of Illusion" they even used the generic "clouds" cover that other private presses used throughout the US during the 70s and 80s.

The Bob Bath Band is basically an instrumental guitar based trio with occasional synthesizer accompaniment. Most of the material is subdued, but not sleepy. The songwriting is above average, as actual thought was given to melody. Generally the music continues to drive forward at a steady pace. So there aren't any neck breaking shifts in meters, but rather a more methodical approach is applied. And every once in awhile, ole "Bobby" kicks the pedals into gear and rips off a mean solo. Had he done that throughout the album, it most certainly would have added one to two points to the overall grade. Definitely doesn't sound like an album from 1984, as the tones are still psychedelic edged, and there's none of that mid 80s gloss. Blindfolded I would have gone with the late 1970s for this album.

This is a good one. Bob Bath is still active in the Pennsylvania area, and has a webpage here.

Priority: 3

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