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Saturday, December 7, 2013

News: Wooden Hill reissues rare Charge demo album from the UK

Saw this one come over the wire today. This was one of many obscure Kissing Spell reissues that first popped up in the mid 1990s, which is why I never put it in the main list. According to the below, this is the first authorized version, and it appears to include significant bonus material. I wouldn't mind hearing this album again - it sort of blew by without notice nearly 20 years ago. Wooden Hill is an interesting label. They tend to come up with one intriguing reissue every year or two.

Label says: "Recorded in January 1973 as a demo-only pressing to hawk around the major record companies of the era, heavy rock trio Charge's frenzied, guitar-drenched album was counterfeited on both vinyl and CD in the 1990s, and consequently is now firmly established as one of the most legendary rarities to escape from the early Seventies British psychedelic/progressive underground scene. This first-ever authorised reissue adds a previously undocumented LP from twelve months earlier and tells the band's story for the first time. With re-mastered sound and a 12-page booklet with numerous hitherto-unpublished photos, this is the definitive issue of a definitive album!"

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