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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

News: Third Eye - Connexion reissued on CD by Sonorama

And this news comes from a scanning of Wayside's latest updates. Third Eye's second album has been reissued by jazz label specialists Sonorama. This is the second time we've run into Sonorama (the other was for Joy Unlimited's Instrumental Impressions), and it's obvious from reading their website they are a high quality label that do reissues the right way! If only all labels were so passionate.

For Third Eye - they chose the wrong album. LOL. Of course it would appear that "Connexion" is more in line with the label's own musical outlook, though I do hope they consider the more eclectic debut album as well. I will probably buy this one anyway just to show my support for their efforts.

Sonorama has provided a full history of Third Eye and this album on their website.

This reissue came out in October, so we're obviously a bit late to the party on it.

Our feature of Third Eye here.

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