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Sunday, August 23, 2015

News: Berits Halsband to come out on CD soon from Musicbazz!!!

Wow! Not sure we can receive better news than this. With Avalanche finally getting reissued, we are down to the very last of my Gnosis 14's not to be on CD. And Berits Halsband is one of them. One of my favorite discoveries from the early 2000's period, and still a great unknown. My full review can be found on the UMR site

Musicbazz is the Greek label responsible for the fine Pete and Royce LP and CD released a couple of years back. They are also the parent label to our good friend Spacefreak and his label Cosmic Eye. Thanks to him and reader Gal for the notification of this great news. The album will be reissued in both LP and CD formats.

One more great one reissued! YEA!


Meidad said...

I meant to say that while this is a good progressive rock-jazz album, it is a very mid-average jazz-jazz album ;-)

skip the medium albums and go to Japanese 70's Jazz scene and hell, they SMOKE! Japanese prog are so bad comparing to Japanese Jazz!


and so many more...

BTW, another good example of smoking jazz from the US:

What about this rare ECM?

Jazz is the real deal, skip prog medium albums ;-)


Meidad said...

BTW, All the Masabumi Kikuchi early ultra rare to find CDs are now out again at a funny price!


And first 5 here, those 9 CDs are BRILLIANT masterpieces!