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Thursday, September 24, 2015

News: First 9 Catherine Ribeiro albums to be reissued in a box set

Thanks to an anonymous tip on our blog, we learned of this box set coming from Mercury. Details are scant, and it would appear the album has been announced before it was ready to be released. The above scan is the clearest one I could find, and comes from amazon.fr, but the entry has been removed (but captured on cache). The tip pointed to a blurred copy on amazon.de. I could not find any other data, beyond what is obvious on the box cover. This of course would close the book on Ribeiro in the digital world. I'm still hoping for individual releases, since I have 4 of the above on CD already (from Mantra in the 90s). Maybe I will ultimately give in. We'll see. This is the second box set from Mercury in recent years, the first one featured albums 2 through 5. Anyway, great news for Ribeiro fans, especially for those of you who do not own any of her CDs prior.

CDRWL contributor Achim informs us: "I just received the new Ribeiro + Alpes box set. This is actually quite nice. It comes in a sturdy box, with the 9 CDs in LP-like cardboard sleeves (as in the 4xCD box released in 2012) and also has a booklet with biographical notes and some photos. All in all great sound; no bonus material. I bought it from amazon.fr for 30 Euros."

Last update: October 27, 2015


Anonymous said...

Sorry for not signing my post, I keep forgetting that.

According to PE ist just the 9 CDs no bonuses and no booklet.
It seems to be a part of a series of similar releases for
other artists on Mercury records. (so very close to the 4CD
box they did 2012).

Release date seems to be 23rd Oct. but on Amazon.fr there is
a comment from a guy with a foto holding up his box, which he Claims to
have bought in a shop in Lille.

All the best,

Purple Peak Records said...

Ah - I should have known it was you :-) Thanks for the update! I stopped going over to PE, so any info you receive from there, please feel free to share with us!

bas janssen said...

So here we are, the few people left who still bother to pay for their music on CD. And what's our reward? We get the opportunity to buy the same stuff twice. Thanks Mercury! It's not like the 4CD box has been out of print for ages... Still, I see the new box will cost about 30 euros, which I guess is a reasonable price for the three albums I don't have yet. Looks like I'm going to collect my reward then :-)

Purple Peak Records said...

LOL - it does indeed seem that way, Bas. Ah well, we keep on persevering until there are no buyers left I guess! And all I wanted was the CDs released individually, which would have cost me more in the end anyway.

strawbsfan said...

Hi Tom,
It's been a while. I keep following your fine blog but I have to admit and apologize for my very limited contribution. This is the kind of news that take me out of my retirement :)
Like your other friends here I feel it is a pity there is no bonus material on this set. I am very fond of Catherine and own/owned all these albums I digitized already and hope Mercury did a better job than on the 4CD set released previously...but they will get my money once again
Take good care my friend

Purple Peak Records said...

Hi SF! Great to hear from you. This post is turning into a reunion of sorts :-)

I've been tracking your auctions, waiting to pounce on that special album!