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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Chris Hinze Combination, Netherlands

Chris Hinze Combination - Stoned Flute. 1970 Columbia.
Chris Hinze Combination - Live at Montreux. 1971 Columbia.
Chris Hinze Combination - Who Can See the Shadow of the Sun. 1972 Columbia.
Chris Hinze Combination - Mission Suite. 1973 MPS/BASF.
Chris Hinze Combination - Sister Slick. 1974 Columbia.

Dutch flautist Chris Hinze was far more than just your usual jazz flute player. Especially on "Mission Suite" where he combines jazz and progressive rock very effectively. "Stoned Flute" and "Live at Montreux" are more steeped in the jazz tradition, but aren't standard by any means. "Who Can See the Shadow of the Sun" is a bit looser than the others during this period, and will appeal most to those into "out" jazz. "Sister Slick" is probably Hinze's heaviest album, with Philip Catherine on guitar, and is a good representation of the harder edged fusion style. His later 70s work strayed towards fuzak, and aren't featured here. Interesting to note that his other work from the early Seventies, 1972's "Virgin Sacrifice", has been reissued on CD. I'm sure it earned a CD imprint (on his own label) since it foreshadowed his future work as a new age artist. It's very different from his other albums during the early 70s.

Priority: 1 (based on the strength of Mission Suite).

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