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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tomorrow's Gift, Germany

Tomorrow's Gift - Goodbye Future. 1973 Aamok.

Following the Satin Whale post, here's another relatively "big name" that has so far eluded a legit reissue. Their debut album was reissued by Second Battle over 15 years ago now! "Goodbye Future" is completely different than the debut and is a keyboard centric Canterbury styled album - a little like same period Supersister, especially the obvious Frank Zappa influence. Tomorrow's Gift later evolved into the fusion oriented Release Music Orchestra, a band who also lack legit CD reissues (same can be said for related band Dennis as well).

There is a very convincing boot out there, which even has "bonus tracks", which were taken from an obscure compilation vinyl.

Hopefully Long Hair or Garden of Delights will set the record straight and reissue this much loved album.

Priority: 2

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