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Monday, July 13, 2009

Graced Lightning, USA

Graced Lightning - The Graced Lightning Side. 1975 private.

An exceptionally well done instrumental progressive rock album by this obscure group from Chicago. Recorded only to one side of the LP, there are 3 tracks totaling 18 minutes. And not a moment wasted. Excellent keyboards/piano, coupled with inventive guitar solos. At times the music is very complex. Doesn't sound like anyone really, except maybe Virginia's Polyphony from a few years prior. Would make an excellent reissue with another group who had a short album - like Bounty maybe?

More data from an ebay dealer: "We purchased this copy new from Gary Gand at his store circa 1975. Per Gary only about 100 copies were pressed in '75 for demonstration purposes. It was not 'distributed' per se, copies were only given away or sold out of his store." 

More info here about the band.

Priority: 2 (if there were more than 18 minutes of the same quality, this would be an easy Priority 1)

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