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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Code III, Germany

Code III - Planet of Man. 1974 Delta Acustic.

Great space rock / folk / electronic effort with Klaus Schulze behind the controls. Album was designed to accentuate special effects and sonics. They were promoting a then-new technique called the Artificial Head system, which can best be appreciated by only using Sennheiser headphones. On this latter point, that would still be the case as we enter 2010! If there ever was an album that would benefit from a high quality engineered remaster, this would be it! When Sand's "Golem" was reissued by United Durtro, I held out hope this too would get covered. So far, this is on no one's radar for reissue. A couple of bootlegs do exist.

Priority: 2

(I couldn't find a decent scan of the cover, as they all are from the Korean bootleg. So the picture is from an old ebay sale, courtesy of popsike.com. It's easier than taking a photo of my own LP!)

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